Maternity and shared parental leave

We have reviewed and updated our maternity policy to allow all female employees to take up to 26 weeks ordinary maternity leave plus up to 26 weeks additional maternity leave, should they wish, regardless of the number of hours they work or their length of service.

In addition, we provide reasonable paid time off for antenatal appointments and, as far as is reasonably practicable, ensure a comfortable and safe environment during pregnancy.

Those who expect to have responsibility for the baby’s upbringing (the biological father or mother’s or adopter’s husband or partner) and who meet the continuous working requirements are entitled to take up to two weeks leave within 56 days of the birth or placement of the child.

Amie Plummer and her partner Dan Bilder both work at the company’s Whatley quarry in Somerset and were delighted with the flexibility and support they were given by the company when they had their daughter Ava, who is now three.

“Our experience was very good,” said Amie, who is a weighbridge clerk. “I was given time off for my antenatal appointments and everyone was extremely supportive.

“It gave me peace of mind that I was able to take nine months of maternity leave and also use the holiday I accrued to minimise the impact of my reduced income.

“Dan, who works in the asphalt plant, was able to take three days’ paid paternity leave and take the remainder of the two weeks as holiday, as and when we needed it.

“It was great to get the chance to spend some quality time together with our daughter.”