Meet Ryan

Ryan Murphy joined the business as a LEAD apprentice in 2014 and has held a number of different commercial and operations roles, including assistant unit manager, district sales manager and bid writer.

He is now a business development manager, helping to influence Hanson’s culture and strategy towards a range of social value related topics such as recruitment, environmental protection, FIR and community engagement.

As part of this, he was instrumental in setting up our LGBT+ Network to ensure all employees feel empowered, accepted and valued.

“I think there are a lot of misconceptions around our industry,” said Ryan.

“Hanson manages you based on your attitude, skills and work results alone – your gender, identity, sexuality or ethnicity are part of you, but do not define you.

“No matter who you are or where you come from, the company is very supportive and will help you gain the skills and experience to progress in your career.”

The LGBT+ Network

We’ve launched our LGBT+ Network to provide a community space for LGBT+ people and their supporters to communicate, network and share their experiences.

Find out more about our LGBT+ Network


Meet Ryan

Meet Ryan