Hannah Roberts, graduate technical production manager

Just like many students when they graduate from university, I was looking for that chance for development and opportunity within a business that I could start my career with. I studied Business and Marketing at the University of Lincoln and found that the Heidelberg Materials Trainee Manager Graduate scheme had the right structure to enable me to build up my knowledge around the industry whilst finding which path was right for me. 

As well as gaining hands on learning experiences in each of our Aggregate, Asphalt, Contracting and Concrete business lines, the graduate scheme allowed me to build my confidence with going to new places and meeting new people and I am very grateful for that. 

By being able to spend time with different departments, I surprised myself with how interesting I found our technical department within Concrete and how eager I was to pursue my career with this team. The technical department works on developing new products and innovation, delivering product quality, resolution investigations, minimising risk and cost whilst working alongside many other departments such as commercial and operations on a regular basis.

This combines an area which I find very interesting with all the aspects I loved about the graduate scheme. I am now working as a Technical Production Manager within Yorkshire and find every day exciting, challenging and new. 

I have met a variety of friendly, experienced and knowledgeable people whilst travelling around Heidelberg Materials and I would recommend the scheme to anyone who is willing to push themselves out of their comfort zones and who is willing to engage with the new and exciting prospect of a future with Heidelberg Materials. 

Applications are closed

Register your interest for our 2024 programme by emailing careers.uk@uk.heidelbergmaterials.com or apply for our summer internship programme.